Licia Bobesha Recipes Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream
Let me start this post out by saying that this recipe is not for the faint of heart. I am one of thousands, possibly even millions, of people who adore Sriracha Do you remember in Elementary School when you said that you loved a condiment so much that you could put it on anything? Then some smart-ass kid would say, Even on ice cream?”. Now, you can say, YES!”
I haven’t mentioned this month’s bloghop theme because I couldn’t host it (unfortunately), but now I have a chance to participate in the Ice Cream-themed month of June! Try out this delectable recipe to keep your summer cool AND spicy, this year. With such few ingredients and the help of my new ice cream maker it’s insanely easy to make.
If you do not have an ice cream maker, try out these methods.

Prep time:
5 mins
Cook time:
25 mins
Total time:
30 mins
Minimal ingredients and huge flavors make up this great Chocolate Sriracha ice cream recipe.
Place the cocoa powder, cinnamon, sriracha, and maple syrup into a small bowl and whisk together until clumpy.
Slowly incorporate the coconut milk into the mixture, about 2 tbsp. of it at a time, so that it stays smooth.
After the coconut milk is fully whisked in, put the bowl into a freezer for 25 minutes.
Once the mixture is cool, pour it into your ice cream maker and wait for it to full freeze up (softer or more firm depending on your preference).
What are some of your favorite flavors of ice cream?

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